Computer Networking

Network Consultation –

Needing to expand or upgrade an office-wide network? Wanting to add a wireless router to an existing network in your home? Or just simply want to go entirely wireless? We can help…

We offer a Network Consultation service to help you better understand what you will require to perform these and other networking related tasks.

Our highly trained technicians can explain the process in simple English, so you are not left scratching your head wondering what you need to do.

We can also perform the installation for you, eliminating the head-aches usually associated with configuring wireless settings, security and physical cabling if required. A misconfiguration on a wireless router for instance can allow someone within range of the signal to access your personal information and data or potentially use your internet account for criminal purposes.


Network Installation – $65 / hour + Parts and Materials

Network installation (especially physical wiring, network security and sharing settings) is not for the faint of heart. One wrong setting and you are left wondering why that new wireless printer isn’t talking to your laptop or why you can see other computers on your local network but not browse the web… Believe me, it happens all the time.

Whether you are building a new home, setting up a new business (or upgrading an existing one), or just want to go completely wireless, our Network + Certified technicians can assist you with all the “heavy lifting” associated with getting the job done right the first time.

Setting up Server/Client networks, installing wired or wireless routers / switches / firewall appliances / print servers / hubs or other physical devices, setting up shares for data or media, installing DVRs and security devices such as cameras for your home or office, creating custom length certified network cables… We do it all!

Also, large jobs may require a 50% labor deposit prior to work being performed in addition to purchasing all required parts in advance. This will be stated on the written estimate (if applicable).