Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery – $40.00/GB Per Partition/Drive

Data Transfer- $45.00

So you have 50,000 photos of your wife, children, hobby, work, vacations, sensitive personal and work files, irreplaceable correspondence, etc. on your hard-drive… And it crashes. What do you do?


BEFORE you attempt any type of recovery yourself!

Data recovery is a sensitive and delicate operation. Simply trying to “read” the drive over and over can do more damage.

99% of online “data-recovery” software programs are hoaxes at best and full of Viruses, Mal-ware and Spy-ware at worst. They may also lead to further data corruption or even steal and transmit personal and financial information back to its creator.

We utilize “best practices” to recover your data using non-intrusive methods and software that ensure we can’t make the problem worse than it already is. Our highly trained technicians will work tirelessly to ensure we recover every scrap of data possible… At a fraction of the usual asking price.

Third-party companies can charge thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

So why do we do it so cheaply? We have been the victims of data loss ourselves…

If we are not able to recover anything from your device (usually due to severe hardware failure / physical damage)…
You don’t pay a dime!

Data recovery is available for:

  • Hard-drives
  • Optical Disks
  • Flash-drives
  • CF Cards
  • SD Cards
  • MicroSD Cards
Please Note: Cost of Data Recovery does NOT include price of device or recordable / flash media to store the recovered data. You will either need to provide such device(s) or/or media, or purchase them through us prior to us providing this service. We cannot be held liable for corrupted or lost data during this procedure. We will do our very best to recover everything we can but there are no express guarantees or warranties on this service.