Advanced Diagnostics – $25.00

If you are not sure what may be the cause of your devices problems, we offer a full range of diagnostics to assist you in determining both what the problem is and an estimate for repair. Our state of the art Software Diagnostic Kit as well as some of the latest tools and techniques can quickly determine the issue(s) at hand.

If you determine that the offered price of repair is cost-effective for you, this fee will then be WAIVED.

Other shops will tell you the “diagnostics” are “free of charge” and then build the cost into your final bill… We feel this to be deceptive, hence the up-front fee.

Also be aware that some shops will tell you the your “virus problem” is so severe that an Operating System reload is required… (Be aware that this will cause you to lose ALL OF YOUR DATA, PROGRAMS, SETTINGS, ETC !) This is a VERY rare occurrence, but some shops are lazy! Before you resort to desperate measures, ask us for a diagnostic!