Mobile Device Repair – Smart Phones & Tablets – iPhone, iPad, and more…

Smart Phone / Mobile Device Repair – Starting at $65.00 + Parts

iPhone™, iPad™, Smart Phone, Tablet and Mobile Device repair doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Remember that moment when you first got your brand-new, very expensive mobile device? It was pristine, clean and unblemished. Then you dropped it, or it otherwise got damaged… Heart-breaking to say the least.

The glass is shattered, the touch-screen doesn’t work… Ugh! And what was your girl-friend’s phone number again?

Yeah… That’s my problem too. We are all dependent on the “mini-computer” in our pocket to cough up the answers to all our problems and questions at a touch and when they can’t… We are at a loss.

We can help!

To watch a video on a typical mobile device repair, click here. (Warning… this is a REALLY long video!)

For usually much less than the “other guys”, we can repair your device; using (OEM) parts and the proper tools, to its original sterling condition. Our technicians are well-versed on hundreds of devices (Apple included) and can repair most anything.

Please understand however; that the $89.00 tablet you bought at Big Lots™ or the Dollar Store™, may not be cost-effective to repair as the replacement parts plus our labor will likely exceed the cost of the device.

However, if you have paid hundreds of dollars for your iPhone™, Galaxy™ or Iconia Tab™… Then it is likely a wise investment to have it repaired.