Operating System Installation

Operating System Installation – $65.00

If your hard-drive has failed, the Registry in Windows™ has become severely corrupted or; in rare cases, the machine is VERY heavily infected with Spy-ware, Mal-ware or Viruses, an Operating System re-install may be necessary. This is generally considered a LAST RESORT except in the event of catastrophic hardware failure.

While an end-user can probably install the O.S. themselves; locating and properly configuring all the necessary Hardware Drivers, is quite another matter. We always recommend that a qualified technician perform this operation as it can rapidly become  frustrating and the potential for an incorrect Hardware Driver to simply re-corrupt the registry or cause other problems is high.

Our O.S. Installation fee covers the proper configuration of your hard-drive, installation of the O.S. / all required drivers & updates (please let us know if you require us to install printer drivers for you, as we will need the exact model number of the device to proceed) / installation of additional web-browsers and our recommended anti-virus program (if you desire).

Our technicians then thoroughly test the installation to ensure it will operate properly when you get your machine home or to your office.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the O.S. installation does NOT include the price of any required hardware (such as a new hard-drive if yours is damaged or dead), nor the installation of said hardware.
Also, this procedure will DESTROY ALL THE DATA existing on the drive!
Please back-up anything you wish to save such as: Email settings, web-browser favorites, documents, pictures, music, etc. before requesting this service.
We cannot be held liable for lost or corrupted data during this procedure.
If you are unable to back-up your data, please inquire about our Data Recovery service.