Password Removal

Lost / Forgotten Password Removal – $35.00 per instance


Its happened to the best of us… We set a password on our laptop, tablet, phone or other device and then forget what it is or where we wrote it down… Now what?

Call us… We can help!

There are roughly five types of common passwords: USER ACCOUNT, CMOS, BIOS, HARD-DRIVE and in the case of cell phones and tablets, PATTERN.

CMOS passwords can usually be removed by “resetting” the Volatile Memory chip that stores the start-up information by removing the CMOS battery from the device and waiting for ten minutes or so before re-installing the battery and restarting the desk-top / laptop.

BIOS passwords are more difficult, usually requiring a specialized piece of software and access to technical equipment in an effort to “reflash” the information on the BIOS chip.

HARD-DRIVE passwords are a similar struggle as the password is stored on a section of the drive not usually accessible to the average user.

PATTERN passwords are exactly that… The user “draws” a pattern on the screen to unlock the device for use. Mostly reserved for phones and tablets, this type of password requires the ability to “reflash” the ROM on the phone or use specialized software to remove the password entirely.

For USER ACCOUNT passwords, Windows™ uses the Security Accounts Manager (or SAM) to encrypt user passwords as “hashes” similar to the following example:



This encrypted hash resolves to a standard password after the Windows™ Operating System decrypts the file and “reads” it.

If the user types in the correct password, and it matches the resolved hash… Windows™ allows access to the desktop. If it doesn’t match, access is denied.

These hashes are nearly impossible to break. So if you forgot or lost your password what do you do?

Bring it to us… That’s what.

Utilizing specialized software that analyses the SAM, we can remove or change the password. This is usually a same day procedure and we are approximately 1/2 the cost of the local competition. Also, we won’t make fun of you for forgetting… ‘Cause we’ve done it too!

Please Note: Apple products and Android devices require the use of entirely different procedures and labor intensive methods to extract and remove passwords. As well, we are encountering issues with combinations of software or hardware passwords and BIOMETRICS such as a pattern password and a thumbprint to unlock the device. We will make every reasonable to keep your costs down, but there may instances that require an additional fee due to the time and labor involved. We will of course, notify you prior to work being performed if this is the case.