Software Installation & Testing

Software Installation & Testing – $35.00 per package

Usually we purchase a piece of software from Walmart™ or Staples™, take it home, stick the disk in the computer, Click…Click…Click…. And it magically installs perfectly.

Then there are the times it doesn’t…. So now what?

Give us a call, we can help!

Whether you are getting cryptic errors such as: “XYZPDQ.dll is missing”, or you are trying to set up a Point of Sale software package for your business and it doesn’t like your bar-code scanner worth a darn, we can fix it for you!

Our Software Technicians are skilled at whipping those pesky software bugs into submission in no time.

Don’t tear your hair out trying to fix it yourself…. You have better things to do with your time I am sure.

Bring us the computer, the software package(s) and any associated required hardware (such as the bar-code scanner mentioned above) and we will install and configure that pesky software for you right away.

We can even come out to your home or business and install it there for a nominal additional fee.

Please Note: Although we are very good at problem solving software issues, it may in fact be a hardware issue to blame for the problems you are experiencing. Our software installation service does not include the cost of upgrading / purchasing new hardware (from us or elsewhere). We cannot be held liable for data loss or corruption during or after this procedure. Please back-up all important data prior to requesting this service.