PC Tune-Up Overview

PC Tune-Up – $65.00


You constantly hear on the radio and see on television how it’s so important to tune up your car once a year to improve your gas mileage and extend the life of your vehicle…. Performing a PC Tune-Up on your computer is no different.

Adding and deleting data, installing and later removing hardware, viruses, malware, spy-ware, junk programs, tool-bars and web browser add-ons, file fragments and a “never-deleted” browser cache and history can cause your machine to slowly grind to a halt.

For a more detailed overview of viruses, click here.

In addition, computers act like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up dust, dirt and hair to clog their fans and heat-sinks. This causes the machine to operate at hotter temperatures (the number one enemy of electronics is excessive heat).

A quick word of warning: All those “quick fix” utilities and websites that “guarantee” to fix all your computer problems if you just download and install their single program…. FRAUD! There is no such thing as a “silver bullet” program that fixes everything! Don’t fall for scams, take your computer to someone that actually went to school for years to learn how to properly fix computer issues. “Speed Up My PC”, “PC Optimizer Pro” and their ilk are mostly junkware / spyware that do nothing but extort money for fictitious services or report back your web surfing habits so the company can direct advertising to your computer via pop-ups, etc. DON’T FALL FOR THE HYPE!

Our TUNE-UP SERVICE consists of all the following:

  • A thorough physical cleaning including all fans, heat-sinks, power supplies, keyboards, lcds, optical drives, etc. We actually disassemble the entire unit (laptop or desk-top)
  • Updating the Operating System with all the latest updates and security fixes.
  • Updating all your hardware drivers to their latest versions.
  • Updating any anti-virus packages with the latest definitions.

Generally, this fixes any glitches, blue-screens, pop-ups and other annoyances you have been experiencing.

We also run a series of diagnostic tests on critical hardware items such as the hard-drive, memory and video chip-set / card. This ensures the hardware isn’t causing problems and is in need of replacement.

Most of our competition charge separately for these services, running up large bills in the process… NOT US.

We believe in giving our customers their money’s worth.